Two actively serving platoons will soon receive boxes of cheer and fun while deployed this holiday season. Not your traditional care packages of toiletries, these boxes are filled with items — silly putty, faux snow, pillowcases, superhero memorabilia, comics, holiday treats and more — all designed to provide servicemembers a bit of joy and a sense of home. Ablers wrapped, filled and packed over 40 boxes for Military Mama Network’s annual Holiday Train, which sends uniquely themed gifts of goodies to those who will not be home in time for the holidays.

“The holidays are really tough on those serving and their families,” says Abler and military mom Crystal Castle, who has three children in active duty, all serving during the holidays. “These boxes give us an opportunity to send personal comforts from home, but also our warmest wishes, gratitude and support. We hope these packages put smiles on their faces and show that we’re always thinking about them, no matter where they are.”